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synthesized bullshit.
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4th-Jun-2009 06:24 pm - Bad cop.. bad cop?
meg and megaman
In early December of 2008, I was driving to Pennsylvania to visit my boyfriend. I was just dumped out onto Route-202 in New Jersey, behind someone in a crappy car, so I started passing them. I was still going well under the speed limit, but he sped up to make things difficult. Instead of speeding up too, I just slowed down and got ready to go back behind him.. because I didn't want to get pulled over!

Well! A cop still pulled me over. Reason? "I don't know about Connecticut, but in New Jersey we are not allowed to travel in the left lane." Rather than argue with him about how I ended up in the left lane, I said something similar to, "Oh, I'm sorry. I won't do that again." Submissive but not too kiss-ass because I really hate kissing ass but I also hate tickets.

Either way, he took my information and did his thing in his car, whatever it is they do. Verify I am not a criminal? Something like that.

He came back to my vehicle, handed me my license, then my registration/insurance info which I keep in an envelope in my glove box. He said, "I'm not going to give you a ticket, because you are young and you don't have a record at all - no need to raise your insurance rates... just stay out of the left lane for anything other than passing."

I flipped through my info to make sure both parts were in the envelope, thanked him, and pulled out and continued my drive.

Until today, when I get a letter from New Jersey court saying I failed to appear at 7am on January 21st. I was quite confused, as I had never gotten any piece of mail from them until now.

So what did the cop REALLY do? He pretended he was a really understanding and nice cop, and completely lied to me, and slipped the court request/ticket in the middle fold of my registration paper, where I would not see it unless I took it out.

So now I can either pay $95 to New Jersey before August 5th, or I'm a wanted criminal or whatever bullshit threatening term the paperwork said.

How fucked up is that? All this for "traveling" in the left lane.

13th-Feb-2009 07:20 am - I love PA
meg and megaman
I go to Pennsylvania fairly regularly now, due to the fact that Matt lives there. I love the hoagie rolls, I love everything about it. But perhaps I am just biased.

But what I really love about it is when I'm there, I wake up in the morning.. all crusty-eyed, bags pushing my eyes closed, creases in my skin from pillows, and maybe signs of drooling mid-sleep, and I feel a hand on my cheek and Matt says, "good morning pretty girl". Shortly after, I receive machine gun kisses, which annoy the hell out of me and he knows it, but that's why he does it.

Just wanted to remind myself.
24th-Dec-2008 09:45 pm - hard drives
meg and megaman
I love them. I just put a new one in because my other one was frying. Reinstalling everything (ESPECIALLY GAMES!!) is just so damn tedious.

Not only do I get Xmas off, but the day after! Woo! I'm officially the only girl in the Geek Squad precinct starting next week, because Emily leaves for Home Theater :( bah.

Matt's coming over on Sunday and staying until Friday I think. We are going to be playing lots of WoW and hopefully having lots of sex. What a life.

Funny: Anyone remember Mrs. Bjelko (also known as Snaggletooth) from NMHS science department? She had a brief encounter with being an ugly teacher and I think gave up her teaching career after all those spitballs and the toothbrush/toothpaste christmas gift. I can't believe what people did to her. I feel like an asshole looking back on it, but it was so funny then. Anyway, I've been helping her @ the geek squad. She doesn't recognize me, I was relatively quiet aside from the constant giggling in that class when people upset her.

But all I can think of when she's talking to me about her PC problems is 'snaggletooth...'
6th-Dec-2008 09:51 am - Sucka free sunday
meg and megaman
Weird.. my dash button stopped working.

Anyways! At work today it's Sucker Free Sunday, which means the store closes early and everyone is happy. But what that REALLY means is we all log on Steam and play Left 4 Dead together.

Matt loves brushing my super knotty hair when I get out of the shower.

Left 4 Dead was updated last night.. gogogo!
23rd-Nov-2008 08:28 am - So..
meg and megaman
Is anyone still out there?
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